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Storytelling Naturalist Programs

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Coral tells stories in the ancient art of oral storytelling.  Her stories are told with her voice and her body.  Oral storytelling creates a connection between the audience and the teller. No story is told the same twice because the audience is a living, breathing part of the story. Coral has storytelling programs for children as young as 2, teens, adults, and elders.  Family programs and inter-generational programs are especially wonderful.

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Hands-on Nature Activities

Coral's hands-on nature activities engage audiences of all ages. They build connections with the natural community. Activities include Tracking Exploration, Live Pond Critters, Vermicompost (Worms!) Discovery, Make and Take Bird Feeders, Nature Wands, Constellation Creation and more. They can be done in conjunction with storytelling or a hike or they can stand alone.  Some work well as open house or tabling activities, others need a consistent group.

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Discovery Hikes

There is nature connection to be found in even the most urban environments.  Leading hikes though deep wilderness is lovely, but not necessary. Coral finds interesting pockets of nature in grassy fields, weeds along the edge of an urban pond, and small clusters of trees. A hike can be done in conjunction with storytelling or hands-on nature activities or it can stand alone.

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Mardy Murie - Chautauqua

Margaret "Mardy" Murie has been called the "Grandmother of Conservation." She was instrumental in the passage of the Wilderness Act and creation of the Arctic National Wildlife Range (ANWR). She hosted greats like Aldo Leopold, Bob Marshall, and Howard Zahniser at her home to discuss conservation and wilderness policy, yet to many she remains unknown. 

Mardy grew up in Alaska and began her lifelong adventure in ecological study and activism when she married Olaus Murie. Join her (portrayed by Coral Conant Gilles) as she share stories of their adventures through the Alaskan wilderness studying caribou and waterfowl. Watch her assert her place beside Olaus as his field assistant where she gains vast skills and knowledge. Find awe in how she continues exploring as a mother with children in tow. Notice the transition from field studies to activism. When Olaus dies, mourn with Mardy and marvel at her strength as she chooses to continue their activism, moving from secretary to testifier at congressional hearings. 

For adults and teens. 



Community and Empathy Building through Storytelling (1.5 hours)

Introduction to Storytelling (1 hour)

Mining Stories: Discover Personal and Family Stories Worth Sharing (1 hour)

Mining Stories and Introduction to Storytelling (1.5 hours)

All workshops are appropriate for upper elementary, teens, adults, seniors, and families.

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Storytelling for Adults

Beyond Disney: Fairy Tales and Folktales for Adults and Teens

One Pitcher: A Dozen Glasses - Women, especially mothers, take on role after role to prove their worth. Explore inadequacy through the lenses of motherhood and womxnhood, and hope to discover adequacy. Poignant, funny, thought-provoking.

Nature Stories and Wild Crafting or  Hands-on Exploration

New programs are always being developed ask about the ones that's right for your group.

Of course storytelling is for adults! We read books, listen to music, and watch movies - it's all story. But sometimes we forget that oral storytelling is just as captivating for adults as it is for young children. So here are a few programs tailored specifically for adults and teens.

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Additional Programs

Artist In Residence

Service Learning

New programs are always being developed ask about the ones that's right for your group.

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