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Community Giving

Let’s bring storytelling and nature exploration to more of our community!

I strongly believe in the benefits of storytelling and nature exploration. I want my programs to be accessible to everyone, but organizations that serve our most marginalized communities are stretched very thin.

I’m setting aside a portion of my revenue to put towards free programs for organizations that serve marginalized communities, but to be able to offer them full access to my programs with no “black out dates” or material fees, I need your help.

With donations made by this tremendous community, we will provide programs to organizations that serve marginalized communities with no cost to them.* Your donations will go towards 50% of the program costs and I will match the other 50%. Please give generously.

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Donations can be made by PayPal, Venmo, check, or cash. Please include a note that this is a donation for the community giving program along with some form of contact information and your name or the name of the person you're donating in honor of. All donations amounts are welcome and appreciated.

For PayPal please use If you leave it set to personal, no fees are collected by PayPal and all of your donation will go to programs for marginalized communities. 

On Venmo, you can find me as Coral Conant Gilles at 314-973-6599. My picture is linked to my profile. 

Check and cash can be hand delivered or mailed to me. Please contact me at for my mailing address. 

Don't forget to include your name or the name of the person you are donating in honor of, a means to contact you, and a note that the funds are a donation to the community giving program. Thank you so much for your donation.

*Programs will be completely free to organizations who are chosen, however, travel fees will still apply outside of the Madison area; all other program fees will be covered.

Answers to Questions You Might Have

What organizations will you offer programs to?​

I don’t have set standards for qualifying organizations, but they do have to primarily serve our most marginalized communities. That means I’ll be reaching out to organizations like GSAFE, The Progress Center for Black Women, Open Doors for Refugees, and local schools with the highest populations of low-income families and families of color. Organizations are welcome to contact me and I’m happy to take your suggestions.

Are my donations tax deductible?

The short answer is no, I’m not a charitable organization.

Is there a long answer that’s yes? I really need my donation to be tax deductible.

Yes, I think we can make that happen. To do it, we’ll need to coordinate with each other and the organization receiving the program. You’ll purchase a gift certificate from me and donate it directly to them. Then your gift of a gift certificate is tax deductible (assuming the organization receiving the program can provide you with such documentation). It will be much easier, though not impossible, if you donate the full 50% of the program cost.

Can I choose the organization that receives my donation?

You are welcome to suggest organizations, but who receives a program will be determined by myself and the organizations we wish to support. If you have an organization you want to receive a program, you can purchase a gift certificate and give it to them. Gift certificates are as good as cash and can be given to anyone, even individuals. Please contact me for more information about gift certificates. 

How much do programs cost?

Program costs vary depending on length and type of program and the number of individuals participating. Most programs are between $150 and $210. Sometimes whole programs or portions of programs are repeated at a single event to ensure everyone can participate with the cost increasing as well. For example, a donation of $75 secures a 45 minute program for 15 kids. Three individuals donating $25 each secures the same program. A donation of $15 allows an organization to offer the same program to an additional 15 kids. All donation amounts welcome and appreciated. No donation is too small. Thank you. 

Thank you contributors!

2019 Contributors


Tracy Chipman

Kris Conant

Danielle Creswick

RoseAnna Cyr

Laura McGuire

Sarah Hoppe-Savage

Rebecca Pfeifer Cummings

Paul Weber

2019 Contributions: $425

2019 Matched by Coral: $425

2019 Total Funds Received: $850

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